Soul Plan Reading – MINI


What to expect:

  • You provide your full birth name as it appeared on your birth certificate
  • Your mini Soul Plan report is emailed to you.



How does Soul Plan Work?

Soul Plan Reading is a channeled system of soul direction analysis. It works on the unique sound vibration of our birth name. It is this vibration that interacts with that of the universe to bring forth people, opportunities and situations which enable one to fulfill our Soul’s plan.

This reading is a short description of your Spiritual & Worldly Talents, Spiritual & Worldly Goals and ultimately your Soul Destiny.

  • Brief information about the types of challenges you may have experienced/may be experiencing in your lifetime, and how to use your talents to overcome them.
  • Brief information on your worldly and spiritual goals, including practical action points to implement in order to to align your life with your Soul Destiny.

This information will be sent to you via an emailed report and will not give an in-depth analysis. For a more detailed report please purchase the Full Reading.


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