Transformational Change Day – Intensive


Experience a personal one-to-one break all barriers coaching day! Spend the day with me, your personal Transformational Change Coach and conquer you goals, release your fears and unlock your true potential.

WE can work on your physical, lifestyle and emotional issues, learn how

to eat better, sleep better, interact better and FEEL better.





Transformational Change Coaching


What can you achieve in a 8 hrs breakthrough session?

There may be many areas of your life where you feel very successful but here maybe areas of your life where you are less successful and feel held back. Breakthrough sessions provide the perfect opportunity to work on those specific areas where you would like to break all limits and achieve greater success.

Want to see major improvements? Breakthrough sessions  provide a fantastic opportunity to make major changes and improvements. A Breakthrough session can help align your wants and wishes with your desires and aspirations. Get rid of that internal self-limiting conflict and rev up your positive thinking with powerful NLP tool and techniques.  Get rid of those exhausting internal conflicts and align your thinking to what you want to achieve.

I can help you with unresolved issues that you have not yet managed to overcome using conscious and unconscious processes because you may have limiting decisions, fears, limiting beliefs etc holding you back or preventing you from currently pushing through to your goal (the feeling of walking through treacle is what clients often describe this as).

We focus on working to clear up 1 or 2 key areas such as (relationships, business, health, spirituality, personal development, confidence etc) making sure your strengths, values and beliefs are all aligned towards achieving your goals effortlessly and effectively.

Using psychological well-being and strengths assessments to make sure you are motivated towards what you want for a positive outcome and not motivated away from what you don’t want through fear, avoidance or lack–( this is a mistake many people make and this type of away from motivation leads to inconsistent results).

Results You Can Expect

  • Increased confidence, empowerment, performance, motivation, efficiency and decision making
  • Improving Self Management, Time Management, relationships and communication
  • Clarity and insight into what’s important to you as a person
  • Break freed from negative emotions like anger, fear, sadness, hurt, guilt, phobias, self-sabotaging behaviors due to limiting beliefs (e.g. I don’t love myself, I’ll never be successful, etc)
  • Helping people stop smoking, loose weight, stop bad habits, doing the same thing and expecting a different result
  • Creating a compelling future by realistic goal setting
  • Eliciting your values in different areas of your life and reduce conflict by aligning them towards your goal

Make your best investment yet – in YOU!

In Person 4 hrs

On-Line 4 hrs