Hi.  I’m Anne-Marie, I’m a Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Worker & Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™ Teacher/Trainer.  I work with people like you to unlock your full potential and bring about lasting change at a core level.  From coaching and training people, through improvement and enlightenment, to supporting entrepreneurs and business professionals throughout their working lives.  I am a fully accredited Institute and Leadership Management Coach (ILM5), Positive Psychology and Well Being Coach, Metaphysical Healer and Trainer of Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™.

I have a deep passion for transformative change.

The power of learning about my own core emotions helped me to rediscover the joys of life to the point that I dedicated several years of it studying the mind, emotions and behaviours.  I trained in Hypnotherapy, NLP,  Life Coaching and Spiritual Healing and have also studied the body, with qualifications in bio medicine, Naturopathy, Medical Acupuncture and Nutrition.

In an age where success, money, love, self image, relationships, spirituality, emotional health – and just about everything else – are compartmentalised into their own little boxes, it can be a real eye-opener to hear about the deep connections between how we act, live, feel and look.  I have now made this passion of mine, my life’s work and am here to help you bring about some lasting changes at a core level to enhance your life and become the person you wish to become. 

As a coach & energy healer with over 12 years experience I help you believe in your own convictions by empowering you with tools that sustain enthusiastic and motivating thoughts, that help prevent limiting thoughts and behavioural patterns creeping back.

I also help you to trust your subconscious and inner intuitive awareness.  If it feels right, then it is right – just go with it and trust you’re making the right decision.  It’s liberating to find areas you once blocked mentally, now suddenly open and illuminated.

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