You are the roadmap for your body

13 Jan 2017
Anne Marie

It has been proven that the body mirrors what you feel and think. Human emotions and thoughts are so powerful that they determine your state of being. Your feelings and beliefs create the kind of energy that the physical body follows. If the body is out of sync with your beliefs and thoughts, the same will be reflected in the physical issues that present in the form of the disease. This works in the same way that stress causes high blood pressure, migraines, sleep deprivation and much more.

Luckily, it is possible to get rid of this negative communication and connect to the higher energies through quantum holographic healing properties of the universe. Your internal dialogue is the loudest communication that you get into your being. Many times most of us slip away from conversations and get engrossed in something that we are thinking about. It is only later that we realise that we got so carried away by our thoughts that we did not get what the other person was saying. If we can pay the right attention to what we are thinking, we can change how we think.

Our bodies are always vibrating to energy that permeates to and within us. We can change the level of vibration by tapping to higher energies and taking control of how we think. This way, we can gain control over our body’s health. In addition, we can transmute of all the things in our lives that are on a low level vibration like anger, hurt, resentment and even diseases. For example, people reeling from regret, failure and hopelessness are more at risk of pancreatic cancer.

When you visit a Quantum holographic healing center, the practitioner will sit with you to know some bits of your past. She or he will then tap into the source and see in the realm of energy, the areas that need some work. A practitioner can generically see fear based beliefs, childhood trauma, past lives and help you use the energy within you to get healing.

The result of the healing process results in a change of thoughts and feelings that include hope, joy, empowerment, and bliss. At the same time, there is instant shift in the body as well as a change in your outlook of life.

Your thoughts are you; they determine how well you enjoy your life! Change them for the better.

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