No two people have the same needs  but we have put together a number of workshops to focus on challenges you may be facing.

Personal & Spiritual Development

Is there a secret to greatness? Is there something flowing throughout the veins of every successful person that others are lacking? The answer is yes and has three elements; creativity, imagination, and passion. I use creativity coaching to harness science, spirituality and creativity to ignite the whole soul within you.

There is a quote by Neil deGrasse Tyson that rings particularly true when it comes to personal development. “The most successful people in life recognise that in life they create their own love, they manufacture their own meaning, they generate their own motivation.” My creative coaching approach will help you to build a connection to your most authentic self to find your passion, something not many people are likely to be sure of.

Creative coaching is life coaching with additional creative exercises that use positive psychology to guide and inspire you in your own process towards the creation of a new, rich and fulfilling life.

I run creative coaching workshops using life coaching techniques to assist you in creating your ideal future. I have an expert knowledge of positive psychology tools aimed at unlocking your natural creative flow and tapping into your deeper universal mind.  It could be the next step in your journey to finding your passion and improving your life forever!

The workshop will include life coaching techniques to create your ideal future, understand what motivates you and delve deep to discover your unique strengths. Using positive psychology tools we will get creative and unblock your natural creative flow tapping in to your deeper, universal mind.

If you are undergoing a significant change in your life, feel like you have more potential buried deep within you such as wanting a career change, finding purpose in your work, or discovering your creativity, passion and zest for. Life-Coaching can help you stay on track and move confidently through the anxiety and confusion that can accompany transitions.

Coaching helps you increase your awareness of self and others, find clarity in chaos, transition through life changes gracefully, make well balanced informed decisions, revitalise your creativity, and develop strategies, all for the purpose of helping you achieve your dreams, goals and aspirations. Coaching is solution-focused, goal orientated and will help you achieve measurable results.

From time to time we all realise that we are not fulfilling our true potential, and we may sometimes notice that this happens persistently and/or in more than one aspect of life.

This program is designed to help people go beyond any perceived blocks, whether in a work, love, social or a personal situation,

Here are some of the reasons:

  • To make a quantum leap in personal performance
  • To develop deep meaningful, lasting relationships
  • To release negative attachments to the past
  • To realise your true self-worth and life path
  • To realise your true potential, personally, professionally and financially
  • To improve your mental clarity and intuition
  • To finally remove that nagging issue which holds you back


  • Discover your unique strengths and start living by them
  • Discover your Human Needs
  • Understand what motivates and drives you
  • Find meaning and purpose in your life and work
  • Design your future based on your values, purpose, and vision
  • Amplified creativity, productivity and efficiency
  • Live and enriched quality life
  • Improved relationships (personal and professional)
  • Accelerated progress towards achieving your goals
  • Creative resilience

Purpose, Passion & Meaning

In uncertain times, a life coach can provide you with the clarity needed to identify what is really important within your life.

In order to find meaning, it is necessary to appreciate our own worth. We all have value just by being and one of the most common setbacks to finding this is comparing ourselves unfavourably to others. I can help you to focus on who you are inside and what your intentions are. My goal as a coach is to help you to APPRECIATE YOU.

A starting point is to imagine what would be said about you in your eulogy if circumstances determined that you to leave this world in the not too distant future. It’s daunting and morbid to think about, but what would your legacy be and are your current actions aligned with how you would like to be remembered? If the answer is no, I can help.

It can be that your life is already steeped in meaning but for some reason its difficult to recognise the exact specifics of this. You might have some ideas or in theory already know what it is that you need to do to add that meaningful to your life, but when it comes to putting it into practice something, is holding you back. This is where coaching can change your life! I want to give you back the power to clarify just what is meaningful and incorporate it in to your life giving you a greater sense of satisfaction.

Relationships, Love & Self-Worth

It is well known that all relationships need work, but one that we often neglect is the relationship we have with our self. The most important one of all, our own self worth dictates how we react to those around us regardless if they are loved ones or acquaintances.

Your job here on earth is to BE not DO as Human Beings our experiences are represented by our emotions. What if your purpose here is to show up, totally and completely as you truly are.

You are the architect of your own life. Life is not happening to you but through you by your choices, thoughts, and intentions. By clarifying your life vision you can realise that you are in charge, change your intentions and thoughts and clear your channels through healing work. This can be balanced with meaningful spiritual development practices while your outer, external life shifts in resonance.

As your Spiritual Life Coach I will partner with you on your journey of self discovery and support you to create your life from that place of knowing. I believe in the limitless potential for well-being and wholeness in the soul of every person, regardless of current challenges and circumstances. 

Love is the healing force of the universe and my presence as a mentor is compassionate and visionary. I have experience in facilitating the challenges and trials of what it means to be human. From my past experience, this is a proven catalyst for healing.

I enjoy living my own life joyfully, vibrantly and with creativity and this something I want to share with you! I can show you the space of discovery for you to recognise the powerful being that you are. By taking part in this process, you will be able to clarify and connect with your deepest and highest wants whilst making empowered choices to create your life from your own very essence.

If we were to work together, I would bring you something everyone deserves to have.  The wisdom gained from a life of resilience, rich with experiences, the passion of my beliefs, and the dedication of being open to any possibility.


  • Greater Sense of Self
  • Inner Child Work
  • Better Relationships
  • Break Limiting Beliefs
  • Discover your Purpose
  • Create a Better Life
  • Deal with Challenges
  • Discover Your Strengths
  • Understand Energy
  • Manifest Abundance & Love

Discover Your Purpose

Finding purpose and the fulfilment that comes with this is different for each of us. Is it about living each day to the fullest and appreciating what is yours? Is it about practicing mindfulness and fully engaging with those around us? Is it you are a wonderful parent, child or friend? Perhaps you need to find your life’s passion.

Of course each of us is consumed by our personal fears. When you find what matters most to you the fear has a context to live in. Life coaching won’t mean that the obstacles go away but it will enable you to feel calmer about where you are headed and put into place a plan for your life. Nobody is a victim of circumstance. It may sound like a cliché but everything happens for a reason.


  • Create a Work Life Balance
  • Making Tough Decisions that are right for you
  • Stop Struggling and Start Achieving – resolving the emotional blocks to success
  • Learning to handle overwhelm
  • Deal effectively with work stress
  • Install powerful Motivation
  • Setting Your Direction – finding your purpose
  • Permanent Weight Loss
  • Relationship Issues
  • Career Choices
  • Meaning and Fulfilment

Empowerment, Confidence & Self-Esteem

To make a change in your life you must feel empowered. So many of us feel stressed, confined by circumstance and unable to move forward in life. As an empowerment coach, I can help people like you to address and eventually overcome problems in your personal life, career path and relationships.

Empowerment mentoring and coaching empowers you by building up your self-esteem and confidence. It gives you the tools to develop a positive mind set and become the master of your own thoughts and emotions. You can take control of your life and take the steps towards a happier, more fulfilled and successful future.

Empowerment Coaching

If you are lacking confidence in most or all aspects of life or even in just one, empowerment coaching can transform your life. Self-esteem issues can be chronic or suddenly appear due to events or circumstances. It is normal to feel as though you have been dragged backwards, even for someone that has triumphed throughout their life. For others, self-esteem issues can start in childhood and if not properly addressed, continue to be debilitating through adulthood.

Increase Your Confidence & Self-Esteem

Self-confidence issues are so deeply embedded within the human psyche but through coaching you can achieve a healthy level of self-esteem. As a coach what I ask of you is that you bring with you a desire to achieve results and a dedication to coaching sessions as well as the time between sessions. Commitment to improve self-esteem can absolutely transform each and every area of your life.

Empowerment coaching and mentoring can take away the sheer exhaustion that you feel in your life. Low confidence can create a constant feeling of uneasiness but you do have a choice to take control and work towards a happier, more empowered future.


  • Increased Performance
  • Happiness & Enjoyment
  • Increased Overall Wellbeing
  • Social Ease
  • Greater Self Worth
  • Freedom from Self Doubt
  • Freedom From Fear & Anxiety
  • Peace of Mind
  • Energy & Motivation
  • Greater Success
  • Better Sleep