Uniting Your Brain For Quantum Success

5 Dec 2016
Anne Marie

My most successful clients know that the true path to sustainable success is by fully utilising both sides of their brain. Sounds obvious, but we actually don’t use both sides of our brain equally. They are classed as separate entities, one being able to operate without the other and each operating in a different way.

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The left side of the brain is responsible for logic, mathematics, language and science while the right side of the brain is responsible for creativity, non-verbal, intuition, spirituality and the arts.

The secret to success is expressing and uniting both parts of the brain to use logic with intuition, science with nature and spirituality, reasoning with creativity. This is taking a holistic approach to life, fully exploring all the opportunities for the greatness that lies within you.

I was recently working with Mr S, a highly successful business owner, who had reached a point in his life and career where he felt he wanted to cultivate more meaning in his business and personal life. We embarked on Quantum coaching sessions with an added element of spirituality to help him really understand his life path, and the true essence of the person he had become, and what he was trying to create in the world.

At this point, I’ll let Mr S speak for himself:

“After 1 session with Anne-Marie, I noticed a complete shift in my mind set which I didn’t really expect. Speaking openly about certain challenges we face in life, both in our work life and personal life, shows how new perspectives and tactical approaches can breed a new sense of purpose and life into you. Working with Anne Marie brings insight and understanding of ourselves our friends, colleagues, family members etc and helps you take control of your destiny. I think coaching with an element of spirituality helps from a business perspective because businesses are made of people, and a deeper understanding of people allows for stronger relationships with the business environment and also helps with communication.  Some businesses are motivated by money alone, numbers on spreadsheets and bottom lines, but if we nurture the people within our businesses, the bottom line is always enhanced.  There’s a fable about a goose laying golden eggs which springs to mind.  Most employers would do well to take notes from this famous fable and focus on increasing vitality and harmony in the work arena rather than solely on production.”

Quantum Spiritual coaching helps you find your life source and find a way to train and use your mind for a higher connection and sense of purpose. Not the other way around. Your mind is currently using you, but you need to master your mind and use it to your advantage. Being used by your mind is a main cause of misery. When you have mastered your mind, you can use your mind whenever you want and the joy this brings is incredible. Life becomes intense and sharpened once you master meditation. Happiness radiates from you; you admire the natural beauty in all aspects of life. You have found the source of life within you.

There is a Quantum Coaching & visualisation technique for everybody; you just need to find the one that suits you.

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