Tips for excellence as a life coach

13 Jan 2017
Anne Marie

Every facet of life requires excellence. More so when telling others of how to excel in life, you must have excelled yourself. This makes a life coach a participator in the game and not a spectator. The people that come to you for assistance must see the excellence in your life so that they are motivated to make positive change in their lives. On the other hand, a career as a life coach can be very rewarding as you practice the success and help others reach their goals.

To begin, you must be willing to get feedback on your performance as a life coach. They keep learning throughout their lives and discovering uncharted lands. The feedback comes from the improvement of the clients under their care, from mentors and networks. It is important that you do not take any critique negatively or as a personal attack. This helps you improve in the areas that you are weak.

A life coach is interested in personal development. He or she enjoys a life of interacting with others and seeing their lives improve by day. They are also curious to know why people do as they do and what can be done about it.

You must also be an excellent communicator. There is no way you are going to help improve other people’s lives without connecting with the people you are communicating to. Many people will come to you for advice. You must listen carefully about what they are saying, get details of problems in their lives, and help them make informed decisions. In fact, the first set of skills to learn when it comes to life coaching is the art of coaching.

You must also continually improve yourself without relying on the feedback you get from the outside. A large part of learning is exploring, researching and experiencing. Lack of interest in doing the same may be your greatest undoing.

Everyone has the feelings of fear, failure, and anxiety. While to some level they spur us into action, they can also be destructive and limit your success. Do not focus on these feelings. Rather work hard to hit your personal best. Learn characteristics such as patience, commitment, and tolerance. These will help you overcome some of the biggest challenges in your life. Learn to apply what you tell others to do in matters of forgiveness, motivation and focus among others. You will only succeed if you live your teachings.

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