The friend in your FEAR

29 Sep 2016

A life with less fear is fearless: Release your FEAR with Quantum Healing…

Fear.  It’s a word we fear.  It conjures all manner of unpleasant emotions.  However, have you ever stopped to think, or to imagine, what lies beyond your fear?  Have you ever dared to think about it, or does the concept of fear make you shy away?

It is time to think about fear differently.  Summon all your courage and energy to face your fear.  Engage with your fear.  Accept your fear.  And finally, release your fear.

F –Face

E – Engage

A – Accept

R – Release

Turn fear on its head – play with it, move it around and mould it into something of which you are no longer fearful.

What lies beyond your greatest fear is your greatest success…

Diamonds are made from pressure.  Are you brave enough to go where most avoid and dive deep right in to the heart of fear?

Each and every one of us is unique, and we all see the world differently.  We all think we are living and experiencing the same world, but actually our individual experiences are all completely different.

We are all born with our own internal blueprint, which is our DNA.  It defines our world according to our ancestors’ DNA, their beliefs and, of course, our parental values, beliefs, guidance and nurturing.

What we grow up believing about ourselves is largely due to inherited coding and behaviours learned through childhood from our caregivers.  These include fear, limiting beliefs, phobias, and core beliefs.

So, what part of you is the authentic you?

This is a question to which almost all of us are seeking the answer.

Imagine your life as a computer game.  Every level or new experience has an exit point that you are trying to get to.  You know that when you reach this exit point there will be much celebration and the rewards will be great.  You will be allowed to go to the next level with newfound talents and gifts, which then lead on to greater rewards and success.

But the journey is treacherous and hazardous.  You keep coming under attack and there is always one little beast from which you keep running… until that one little beast takes you down and sets you right back to the beginning.

That little beast is your fear.  Now, think about what would happen and how you would feel if you were to stop running from your beastly fear and instead you turned to face it, engage it, accept it and then release it.  And let’s just clarify that I’m talking a very real, life-challenging fear as opposed to a ‘fighting robbers’ kind of fear!

As soon as you feel the fear, or as soon as you are faced with a challenge or an opportunity that instills a fear-based emotion in you, such as anxiety, worry, or self-doubt, turn and face the fear.

Step 1 Face the fear:

Ask yourself what am I really afraid of?  Now, ask yourself what lies beneath that fear?  Be honest with yourself and ask this question at least 5 times until you get to the real, underlying belief.  You may be surprised at what comes up, as it is usually a fear of dying or being left to die.

Step 2 Engage with the fear

Ask your imagination to show you the first ever time you experienced your real, underlying belief (X).  Whatever scene comes to your mind is right; however, double check by asking yourself again whether this is the very first time you experienced (X).

Step 3 Acceptance of the fear

Remember your fear is actually your friend.  Think about it from a different angle: Your fear has been trying to keep you safe for all these years.  It has done an excellent job so far for you hasn’t it, so don’t treat fear with disgust or distance because it has been trying to save you all along.  Accept the reason for your fear today is because you were still holding on to an old memory that needs to be released and set free.

Step 4 Release the fear

Now release your wonderful imagination and have in your mind’s eyes the first ever time you experienced the feeling of (X).  Think hard and dig deep as it is now time to release it and set you both free.

Ask for the highest level of healing to transmute this energy into love and light, and to set you both free in the highest and best way possible.  Notice if the images change or they fade away, or maybe they just feel different now.  By setting the intention for transmutation to the highest and best healing intention, it will automatically change the fear to acceptance, understanding, compassion and foresight.

Next, visualise yourself doing the thing/s you want to do.  Regardless of whether it is public speaking, achieving a promotion, or a personal accomplishment.  Whatever it is you have wanted to have, achieve or do, visualise yourself doing it, living it and loving it.  Accept this is now in your future timeline, and it is ready and waiting for you to step into it.

I love empowering people.  It’s my passion and it’s also my purpose in life.  I have also made it my life’s work to help you discover your light and to live your life in a world without fear, self-doubt or anxiety.

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