My confidence and self esteem were low

I first went to see Anne Marie about 6 months ago. My confidence and self esteem were low, keeping eye contact for any length of time I found challenging and I’d fidget to distract myself. About three sessions later, I had learnt new skills which I could use to help my confidence when I needed to.I felt a lot better knowing I had built a support system for myself to help me deal with my anxiety rather than running away from it which had always seemed like the easiest thing to do. I kept food and mood diaries that I talked through with Anne Marie which helped me to understand the things I needed to work through. I am continuing this journey today and soon I will be on my last session. I have changed a lot since meeting Anne Marie and although I currently still face old challenges I’ve learnt skills that help me to deal with them more effectively than I have in the past. For me life coaching has been beneficial in the long term as well as short term. My confidence has improved greatly and I now want to go back into full time work which I haven’t felt able to do for 2 years. I’m proud of what I have achieved in the past few months and I’m thankful to Anne Marie for all her guidance and support.

Thanks Helen C Wirral

I recently went to Anne Marie for some life coaching and EFT treatment to try to help with ongoing anxiety struggles and nightly panic attacks as a result of various difficult changes in my circumstances. Anne Marie talked me through some simple visualisation techniques which allowed me to focus on reducing negative thoughts. Following the session, I felt much calmer and have noticed small improvements in my sleeping pattern. It is early days and I have a lot of work to do, but I feel like I have tools which I can use to help me in my daily management of the anxiety. I’m confident that in time I will be able to reduce the anxiety further. Anne Marie’s encouraging and reassuring words also meant I left with a much more positive mindset. Thank you so much.