The greatest physicists and philosophers have always said the same thing, that Energy is timeless, limitless and boundless.

As human beings, we are also a part of the cosmos and all a part of the same energy.  However, with imbalances in the energy systems that hold us together, life as we live it day after day, with situations that we put ourselves into or have to face at work or at home, living to our greatest potential can become just another far-fetched dream.

Sometimes, it may be more than just the wrong food you ate, bad habit taking its toll on you or a bad day at work to trigger you off, setting you out on a series of depressive days.  Some issues call for cleansing and empowering on the level of the subtle body, that is, clearing from the root, to free you forever and that is just what I have in store for you with my Soul Path Intensive and quantum healing service.

With this intensive session, past and current life re-evaluations, angel guides and affirmations, along with exceptional expertise in working on the Aura and Chakra level, I am here to help you to get rid of the old and embrace the new and once again experience the bounty of the gift of dear life!

Who This Is For

Personal Transformation – Access Your Spiritual Gifts – Enhance Your Relationships – Lose Weight – Find Love – Change Career – Find your Soul Purpose.

This is a ground-breaking technique developed by Anne-Marie Mayers UK and World Wide Spiritual Coach, Healer, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Teacher/Trainer.

Anne-Marie will remotely tune into your energy body to gather the information she needs to provide your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body all it needs for its highest physical and spiritual growth. Once all the information has been gathered Anne-Marie will discuss her findings with you via Skype or telephone where she will take you through a Quantum Holographic Echo Healing to remove and replace old programming from your DNA and subconscious mind so you can start to live the life your where destined to live.

This method can also be used for your animal.

Her findings will include but not exclusive to Emotional – Fears – Beliefs – Spiritual Issues – Past Lives –  Lifestyle – Physical Issues – Root Causes – Trauma Clearance – Aura Cleansing  – Abundance Blocks – Relationship Issues – Weight Issues – Soul Growth – Chakra Foods – Chakra Balancing – Angel/Oracle Reading – Bach Flower Remedies – Crystals and more.

Most successful people have some kind of professional coaching to get them on the right track, and keep them there long after they have achieved their original goals.


My expertise lies in resolving issues that may have become hard to overcome, consciously or unconsciously.  Most of the time it is limited decisions, fears, limiting beliefs etc, that hold you back or are preventing you from achieving your goals.

By working closely with you in the arena of relationships, business, health, spirituality, personal development and confidence building, I offer you one-on-one sessions that will help you understand your own strengths, values and beliefs, all aligned towards achieving your goals effortlessly and effectively.

This QUANTUM ENERGY READING 3 hr session is a must if you are ready to re-evaluate your life, or even if you simply need some direction.  These sessions will give you all the tools you need to make those changes.  Maybe you want to lose weight and make those lifestyle changes?  Or perhaps you need some external motivation?  Then you may get all the help you need from booking a series of sessions.

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How It Works

I am here to take you take you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you take control of your life.  If you have had the courage to accept that there are changes you need to make to bring back the love, happiness and success, into your life, I am here to help you embark that journey.

Life can be full of issues.  Whether it is at work, at home, or even amongst friends and close relatives, each one of us has a quota of stress that we have to deal with, on an everyday basis, when things don’t seem to be working out the way we imagine or want them to be.  Being depressed seems to have become a common issue, haunting people across the globe more than any other physical ailment.

In the race for money, power and relationship goal achievements, most of us forget to take a break, tap into our inner selves, stop and check what’s really going on, not externally, but within us.  Not many of us bother to do a little reality check to get to the root cause of a problem.  Instead, we tend to sweep under the carpet, issue after issue which only makes the heap of problems, mentally, physically and emotionally, grow, until finally, the ‘time bomb’ of emotions takes it’s toll on us when we least expect it.

Other Benefits

While some of us might need the motivation to keep going to achieve a certain set goal, others might have an issue with setting a goal and sticking to it.  Even though ideas and plans may be clear, where to start can put you in quite a dilemma.  As a coach, mentor and adviser, I offer you services that can help you identify goals and can motivate you to make those goals a reality for your future.

I understand that making lifestyle changes that may have become habits, good and bad, can be limiting your experience of the wonderful gift of life and I am here to help you unleash it all and start anew.  So, if you are trying to lose weight; or need to put an end to your habit of smoking, or if you need assistance to help you make better choices, achieve your new goals and live life to the full, look no further!  I am right here to accompany you on the journey to your new pathway.