How To Spark The Law Of Attraction Process

17 Mar 2017
Anne Marie

How to spark the law of attraction process

The law of attraction states that like attract likes. Negative thoughts attract negative events. However, for the Law of Attraction to start working in your life, you must align your mind to the principle of the law, so that ignites the law into action. Here are steps to activate the law.

Before you start the process of alignment, you need to feel as if you have achieved your goal and work your way backward. The feeling is the bridge between the physical and the etheric realm where you unlock your desires for the manifestation to take place.

Raise your clarity

For you to unlock your desires in the etheric realm, you must be specific on what things you want to unlock. The clarity of thoughts and desires is the first step to igniting the mechanism for the law to take place.

Raise your vibration

Raising your vibration helps, you align with the power of the Universe. It helps the energy in the etheric realm to permeate through your mind and body and to all things that you need to attract your success. When the vibration goes a notch higher, you become receptive to new opportunities and connectors to your destiny. Raising the vibration also helps deal with the negativity that may be standing in the way of your success.

Trust fully

Did you know that a watched pot rarely boils? If you keep checking your progress in manifestations, the chances are that doubts will come in your way. Given that you do not want to restrict the Universe in the ways it will manifest your goals, you have to trust and surrender after making it known what you need. Distract yourself with something else as Universe uses its divine time to manifest.

Continue believing

The emotional alignment is also an important part of the alignment process. Are you living in the success emotionally? If there is some in congruent between what you want to feel and what you want, it creates tension in the body and makes it hard to believe. Put your emotions in the process to achieve your desires. Meditation can help you keep in line with the success beliefs.

The alignment process is the ignition key to get going. The Universe cannot release anything if everything is not in the right place. Start aligning yourself to your goals and watch them being manifested.


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