22 Feb 2017
Anne Marie

Confidence is something that we gain from the society itself. Self-confidence is an important value or ability that we should possess for our betterment. Self-confidence is the key to reaching new heights whether it is a career-focused field or in any other field in life. It helps us to move forward without breaking and falling apart. Self-confidence is like a weapon which we develop with time and which it helps us to fight the hardships that we face on our way as we move on in life.

A lack of self-confidence is directly related to the defeat of our overall growth. Sometimes, self-confidence can be misinterpreted as there being an ego problem in a person but it is not the case if it is because of some inner voice or it is backed by religious understanding. There can be two reasons why people are introvert- firstly, it is their nature or what they really want to be like and secondly, a lack of self-confidence to mix up with the crowd.

Some people possess the quality of self-confidence and some people do not have it in them to be extroverts. There are some moments in life that either increases our confidence or make us lose it. So everyone has a fear of losing self-confidence in the war of life. Generally, the more hardships we face in our life, the more confident we become. Self-confidence depends upon the circumstances in which we are living. You can do a task by making a list of positions under which a person might lose or gain self-confidence.

Real confidence in oneself is something which is without any fear of losing something. Confidence in its true sense can be there only when it is backed by some kind of surety of any happening. We should try to put our focus on those areas of life which tend to boost our self- confidence.

Our self-confidence is directly in relation to our philosophy. The change in one’s ideas can have a great impact on his/her self-confidence. Thinking is a great tool which can even revolutionize this world.

Our body is a system where we go through various emotions like sweating or stumbling while speaking when we are nervous, higher pitch of words when we are angry etc. Therefore, are emotions are visible through our actions and vice-versa.

When we go through some difficult stages in our life, we experience two types of changes i.e. psychological changes and philosophical changes. Our emotions are clearly visible through our actions which are the psychological aspect but it leads to a change in our thinking about the world and the way in which we think.

Amy Cuddy, a famous and renowned psychologist from Harvard University, USA has researched about the positions in which we stand. She says that can have an impact on our self-confidence. The famous wonder woman pose can boost our self-confidence as it releases a hormone in our brain and we start relating ourselves to the powers of the wonder woman. Before going for a job interview, standing for a couple of minutes in these positions can actually help you getting a job. The boost in our self-confidence makes us present ourselves in a more effective and ordered manner.

Our thinking can have a great role in changing ourselves as if only a couple of minutes in the wonder woman pose can help so much for a better nervous system, think about what wonders it could do if you make some specific alterations in your daily life.


What are the areas in your life wherein you would like to be more certain or self-assured?

  1. Write down the fields in your life where you want to be more self-confident.
  2. Write down the fields in your life where you feel self-confident.
  3. Study and compare both the lists mentioned above and what you think about it after the comparative analysis.
  4. What does it make you feel when you compare both the lists?
  5. Write down one field from the list where you want to be the most confidence.
  6. After you are completed with your task, kindly mail it to


Self-confidence is something which makes you what you really are and will be your only companion in life. It defines what you are and what you seek from this life. It is the milestone to a peaceful and harmonious life ahead of you.

It is the good judgment and insight of our mind and expressions from our heart which drive more and more confidence in us and which is the base of our steps. All the confidence flows from deep inside our heart and mind. Self-confidence is the lift which can take us to the desired level in our life.

Meditation is something like self-introspection. Meditation makes us think long and hard about ourselves and also makes us do a little self-introspection about our lives which ultimately make us better human beings and live our lives in an infinitely better manner. Some people go as far as to say that meditation makes us connect with God and our absolute true self where we find the zenith of peace and serenity. Nothing can be gained from moving on in life uselessly from one day to the next if you do not take the time to do some effective self-introspection.


The successes of our lives lie in the fact that how much we aid ourselves in helping to make our lives better than it already is. All we need are a few valuable ingredients like self-confidence, honesty, loyalty and perseverance to get the perfect recipe of a life well-lived. So always remember that if you are fully equipped with all these ingredients, your life can become all the more meaningful and worthy of notice. So what are you waiting for? Do some self-introspection today and don’t forget to take the help of Amy Cuddy! Trust us! She knows what she’s talking about!

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