Workshop Creativity Coaching


If you are undergoing a significant change in your life, feel like you have more potential buried deep within you such as wanting a career change, finding purpose in your work, or discovering your creativity, passion and zest for. Life-Coaching can help you stay on track and move confidently through the anxiety and confusion that can accompany transitions.

Coaching  helps you increase your awareness of self and others, find clarity in chaos, transition through life changes gracefully, make well balanced informed decisions, revitalise your creativity, and develop strategies, all for the purpose of helping you achieve your dreams, goals and aspirations. Coaching is solution-focused, goal orientated and will help you achieve measurable results.


These are some of the results you can expect from coaching:

  • Discover your unique strengths and start living by them
  • Discover your Human Needs
  • Understand what motivates and drives you
  • Find meaning and purpose in your life and work
  • Design your future based on your values, purpose, and vision
  • Amplified creativity, productivity and efficiency
  • Live and enriched quality life
  • Improved relationships (personal and professional)
  • Accelerated progress towards achieving your goals
  • Creative resilience


Creativity Coaching for Personal and Spiritual Development

‘The most successful people in life recognize that in life they create their own love, they manufacture their own meaning, they generate their own motivation.’
~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

Anne-Marie Mayers combines Science, Spirituality and Creativity Coaching to ignite the whole soul in you.

Is there a secret to greatness? Is there an underlying current that flows through each and every highly successful person?

The answer is simple: yes. It is called creativity, imagination and passion.

CRE8 Coaching is a new way of helping you connect to your most authentic self and find your passion. The approach I use is ‘creative coaching’ – a mixture of Life-Coaching, Positive Psychology and Creative Exercises designed to guide and inspire you in your own process towards a creating your own rich and fulfilling life.

Workshop will include Life-Coaching techniques to create your ideal future, understand what motivates you and delve deep to discover your unique strengths. Using Positive Psychology tools we will get creative and unblock your natural creative flow tapping in to your deeper, universal mind.