Soul Awakening – Transformational Breakthrough Package


Want to see major improvements? Breakthrough sessions  provide a fantastic opportunity to make major changes and improvements. A Breakthrough session can help align your wants and wishes with your desires and aspirations. Get rid of that internal self-limiting conflict and rev up your positive thinking with powerful NLP tool and techniques.  Get rid of those exhausting internal conflicts and align your thinking to what you want to achieve.

I can help you with unresolved issues that you have not yet managed to overcome using conscious and unconscious processes because you may have limiting decisions, fears, limiting beliefs etc holding you back or preventing you from currently pushing through to your goal (the feeling of walking through treacle is what clients often describe this as).

Let’s Work Together

6 hours: 1x Soul Plan Reading & Hologenetic Profiling and Intensive Therapy Focusing on 1-2 Major Life Challanges or Themes.

:: 1hr Top Up session FREE so we can continue our journey.

:: An initial questionnaire to help me understand what’s going on for you in your business on a deeper level, before our first session together.

:: Your name in full for the Soul Plan Reading & Profiling.

:: 6 hours or 2 session of 3 hours with me, where we’ll focus on clearing blocks and aligning your energy to help you grow and sustain a beautiful business (and life!).



Iѕ thеrе ѕоmеthing holding you back frоm living your dreams? Is there something stopping you from experiencing love in its truest form? From having fulfilling rеlаtiоnѕhiрѕ, excellent health a blossoming career or sustaining abundance?


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