Quantum Holograpgic Echo Healing Practitioner Level


Level 2:
Three Day Workshop £395
10am – 4pm

•Life-Coaching/Quantum Coaching

•Physical Body Systems
• Chakras
• The Aura
•Subtle Energy Systems
•Subtle Energy Bodies
•Endocrine System
•Pineal Gland
•Brief outline on DNA and its mechanics
•Understanding the holographic energy field
•How to repair the body energy matrix
•Understanding ancestral and descendant cell memory
•Fixing inherited unconscious programming
•How the body stores negative and positive emotions and the effects on the body on a cellular level
•Learn how to clear and heal the holographic echo of each client
•How to Earth the client and close the session
•Quantum Techniques




June 2nd – 4th

This is a three day workshop for practitioners already working with this knowledge or if you are a practising therapist and would like to enhance your knowledge of the quantum healing world.

entry requirements Foundation course or working in the field of energy healing.