Energy Healing


It is more than just bad eating habits or other lifestyle habits that could be a cause of clouding your sense of happiness and wellbeing.  Our bodies are a kind of machine that functions with the help of a nervous system, along with hormones and neurotransmitters, that the brain uses to communicate feelings and emotions.  This allow us to take on the flight or fight mode as per a particular situation, thus acting as our biggest defense mechanism.  It is because of certain imbalances in this intricately designed wiring of our nervous system, that we fall prey to issues like depression, anxiety and other chronic diseases.



I also offer a unique service of understanding your past and helping you to bring in the awareness of your past life lessons, learning and insights.  I work on the level of your Chakras and give you a set of guided meditations and colour therapy, as well as food recommendations and life adjustment techniques that will help you live life to your highest potential.

I bring to you a very unique service that includes working at the level of your subtle body.  By being able to tune into your energy field, Aura or Chakra system, as some of you may know it, I am here to help you undo the blockages, fear, beliefs, issues and challenges you may currently be facing.  I will help you recognise the purpose and goals that you have been born to fulfill in this lifetime.





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