Moving Past Fear

22 Feb 2017
Anne Marie

Fear is something which limits our boundaries and keeps us away from getting us achieve what we want or what we desire or what we really deserve. Fear can cause us harm in the long run as fear of doing something will limit our hidden abilities and talents. So, fear should be faced fearlessly if you want to move ahead in life.


Hiding fear is the worst we can cause to ourselves as it is like a food which helps fear to grow within our heart and mind. That is why to overcome your fear you should share it with the people around you without being ashamed of them. This is the only way you can become something in your life and can give a purpose to it otherwise you will just end your life in fear of one thing or other. So before the fear gets the better of us we should do something and eliminate it forever. Only your mind and thoughts can conquer your fears as only they possess the power to suppress your fear. Facing your fears day today will gradually diminish your fear and will totally get lost one day. When we do something which we have never thought about doing it may actually wake up our deep fear which can harm us in long run. But when we start to accomplish something by overcoming our fear, in reality, it diminishes our fear as we become more confident.

If you want to grow in your life, you should never stop to work on it even if you have mastered that field as there is always something which will leave to master or conquer – Thomas Allen


Try to do the exercise which is mentioned down and feel free to contact me in the case of any query or problem.

Write down three fears which you have in your mind in the order of their degrees like the most fearful in the end and the least one in starting.

Your fears can relate to any part of your life wherein you want to overcome it. Try to mention it more clearly, precisely and specifically in relation to what you are really facing. For instance, you are scared of talking to some kind of people. Instead of it try and write what exactly those people are like which you afraid to make conservation with.

Try not to choose the scariest things for you as it will difficult for you to overcome them in this initial phase and also not too mild fears but something in between which will both challenge you and will inspire you to overcome it.

  1. a) I am afraid to speak in front of people who I do not really know as I start to stumble while speaking and sweating at the very moment.
  2. b) I am afraid of losing my self-control as the consequences will be very severe for other people and me too. Because the things in life make me cross my saturation point making me loses my calm.
  3. c) I am claustrophobic. This is a fear I would really like to overcome as I tend to lose many opportunities in life because of it.

Try to solve the mystery in your head by solving the answer to your questions by the inherent intelligence of yours which you possess deep inside.

Question yourself these questions in your head and see what answer you get from your inner self as we are the best judge in our own cause.

  1. Whether I will be a better person altogether by overcoming this fear?
  2. What gains will do I receive from conquering my fears?
  3. Whether I will be able to live my life to the fullest?
  4. Will it provide peace and calm to my soul?

On a degree of one to ten where one is the least important and ten is the most, state how much essential is it for you to do this.

What things I would undertake if I was spiritually backed up.

In what manner will I prepare myself to get rid of my shortcomings? (Example. Starting a conversation with a man with great aura)

When will I be ready to start getting rid of my fears?


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