Manifesting Is Your Universal Birthright 10 Facts You Need To Understand About Manifesting

17 Mar 2017
Anne Marie

Manifesting is your universal birthright 10 facts you need to understand about manifesting

The Universe has bestowed each of us with the power to manifest what we need in this life. The physical manifestation is just an extension of the etheric realm. Here are ten facts to help you understand manifestation so you can start using it today.

Your thoughts materialise to things

Your reality is sculpted from the way you think and feel. Your life is a result of your emotional patterns. This means that you can get your desired life by putting in positive thoughts and energy.

Everything around us is energy 

Everything in the universe is always in motion as it is a form of energy.  The way we choose to do our things and the people we surround ourselves with, govern the frequencies of vibration.

We manifest always

We are always creating our reality even when we are not doing in with conscious efforts. We force things to happen in our minds and watch them happening.

Each person can only manifest for him/her self

Just like our thumb prints each of us has a unique vibration frequency and unique soul signature that is not shared with anyone else. You can only manifest your own reality and not for someone else.

Clarity is prime

Once you have a clear goal, the Universe will have a clear path for a response. Get specific on what you need and get a specific result.

The universe will always respond

All your vibrations will come back to you in a high level of accuracy. The Universe does not fail to respond. When you present patterns of intent, the universe echoes it as reality.

Failure is part of the process

Just before you experience success or accomplishment, there comes apparent discouragement and failure. That does not mean that the failure is real, it is time to raise your vibration to get the true result.

Everyone is worthy of receiving everything 

Most people self-sabotage their success by doubting their worthiness in getting what they desire. These obstacles prevent us from reaching our full potential. When you decide on something, go for it. You deserve it.

There is a divine timing for everything

We often get impatient when we do not get the results we want and very fast. Time is irrelevant when it comes to receiving our desires. It will happen in its own time.

Openness opens the doors

When you are open to any eventuality, you open your heart for the Universe to respond. It is the best way to receive.

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