22 Feb 2017
Anne Marie

Let us take a look at the natural surroundings of the world. We don’t need to focus very far in order to appreciate the beauty of a flower, an animal, a plant, a sunset or the night sky. It is quite a surprise how this world has come into existence and the power behind it all that moves it forward. This power hasn’t just created it but also maintains and stabilizes its natural being. It entails great knowledge and judgment.

It is the power of judgment of various ages which has brought our universe into being and which maintains the stars and planets on their path. It keeps the atoms attached to a rock and has the power to cure an incise finger and strengthen a wrecked bone and the roots of a tree can naturally seek water.

This supremacy doesn’t just do the work but it does the work wonderfully with an instruction, ease, and complexity that still shocks the scientists of today. The complete organization works collectively and rightly as one unity. There is a sense of belongingness and mankind which exists all over the world. Peace in nature is a base for healthy surroundings and a life.

When a life comes into being or when a baby is born, it is a symbol of oneness and belongingness between human beings. As the baby grows up, the people around him influence, teach and nurture him/her and makes him/her understand what exactly life is, what his country name is, their religion etc. Once the baby becomes a man/woman, the sense of unity tends to start losing up because he/she gains his/her own perspective and opinion along the path.

At last, the baby transforms into a complete adult after being nurtured by his/her teachers, friends and family members for years. This is the time when he/she comes into the picture and has to survive on his/her own and then consequently start his/her own family. He/she shall use his/her experiences and knowledge which he/she has gained in life to fight for survival and in the society where he/she resides.

The child has to face both the positives and the negatives from the society depending on his/her action. Sometimes, he/she will be encouraged or respected and at others, he/she has to listen to the scolding of others.

People around children focus so much on their mind and body and other material things in the world but forget about the spirit which is the main thing we should not forget. With the course of time, children seek to believe in certain things like their culture, background, identity, qualities etc. which stays with them throughout their lifetime. We just move on with all these resources that we have got.

Points to remember

The mistakes which we make in our life make us what we are and are the best teacher we have got in our life. We should learn and move ahead and become better people from our mistakes as no one is born perfect. We should not let these mistakes get the better of us as we have more to us than these mere mistakes. Society and people will try to degrade us but we should be strong and should try to move on and cross all the hurdles which life throws our way fearlessly.

We should never let that inner child die as it is all that we have got. It reminds us of our values and customs that we learn along the years long gone. Somewhere inside their hearts, they have an inkling that they have got more to live than these meaningless races which the whole mankind is desperately running after. People are so lost in this material world that they tend to forget about what exactly life is and what they want from it.

All these points are just to make you realize and rethink your position and make you ask yourself what really makes you happy and in what manner you want to utilize this one and only life.

Mystics are those people who know the reality behind all these sparkles in the present world. Mystics, for a long time, have been trying to warn people about their mistaken identity. The new generation doesn’t believe in all these things which are why all the teachings of these people have been hidden behind curtains.

Our optimism has elevated because of positive psychology which tends to increase our hope in life. By thinking more about positive things and less about negative things, we can increase our capacity to control our emotional management skills, consequently making us better men and women and giving a bigger picture of life.

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