Life-Coaching Case Study “John”, senior company executive.

25 Nov 2016
Anne Marie

It is essential that the coach / client relationship is a good match, so it is important you choose the right one for you based on your needs. Even if the client has come to me for a general chat before working together, I always make sure that the client has done a little research, and is satisfied that I am the right coach for them. All coaches have a different method and style. My approach is to tap into the essence, the spirit of the person, to help them unlock their full potential.

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Coaching sessions are structured around the “coaching contract”. This contract is very important, as it sets the ground rules between the coach and the client – what is expected of each other. It is important for the coach to clearly explain the tools that will be used and how they will benefit the client. The client is a work in progress; they must use the tools they learn to continue their journey, to keep on track, beyond formal coaching sessions.

John, a senior company executive, came to me with personal issues and business related goal challenges. He is a very logical, left-brained individual and, at the time, vulnerable. My approach was to gain immediate trust. During our six coaching sessions, it soon transpired that John was a highly creative individual who, in his youth, had been an aspirational playwright, among other things.

John felt uncomfortable when praise was given due to past painful experiences. This meant he suppressed his strengths, as he did not want people to perceive him as boasting or arrogant which would, if not addressed, dampen his ability to succeed to his full potential.

He had suppressed this creative side along with other deep strengths and virtues. He, like many other highly successful professionals, became bogged down with the constraints and harsh realities of life. When this happens, we lose touch with who we are, what gave us our passion, our strength and our creativity.

Parts of us can become suppressed, forgotten about, disowned and neglected. If this continues for too long, we feel a sense of constraint and misalignment; life becomes constricting and we feel lost. We wonder where our zest and passion for life has gone. We ask ourselves: “Is this for me? Will things ever change?” or “How is it even possible for things to get better for me?”

Although outwardly successful, John was finding his personal and professional life a challenge, both of which had become complicated. He felt he was lacking in direction. Our sessions covered the often neglected spiritual side to life (not necessarily religious), which turned out to be part of the fulfilment that John felt was missing.

John’s past had been traumatic. We worked with tools, such as visualisation, that helped him form a new perspective. This allows the client to move on from the past and to be less judgmental on themselves. John was able to make peace his traumatic past and to cope better with a stressful family situation, helping him to a fresh approach to life and a renewed energy towards his business goals.

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