The Law of Abundance 10 Ways To Attract Your Desires

17 Mar 2017
Anne Marie

The law of abundance 10 ways to attract your desires

The universe is all linked together. We can use the Law of Attraction to manifest our dreams, goals and desires. Here are the intentions I make to harness the power.

Make your intentions clear

The clarity of the intentions, motivation, and determination are key aspects to attracting what we need. It also helps us adjust our focus in life preventing confusion. The more your goals are clear and concise the more easily you attract abundance to come your way.


Visualise what your life will look like when you fulfill your desires. Allow yourself to feel having them right away and live as if they are there.

Make use of affirmations

Affirmations help you to keep focus. Repeating them regularly helps you feel your dreams. You can pin your thoughts on paper placed in strategic locations to help you keep up the positive visualisations and positive vibrations.

Be positive

Your thoughts attract things like for like. If you have negative thoughts, you attract negative things. On the other hand, if you have positive thoughts, you attract positive outcomes. Keep away from negative thoughts, fear, pessimism, anxiety, resentment, and stress to start receiving abundance.

Forget about the ‘How.’

Do not limit the way the universe delivers your desires by thinking of how they will come to you. Instead, keep your eyes on the results and leave the other to nature.

Do not give yourself set time for realisation of desires

Do not limit the period in which nature will manifest your desires. Instead, set the intention and keep it in mind knowing that it will happen in the right time be open on when your desires will be fulfilled.

Believe in yourself

Believe in the power to be whatever you want. The confidence and the willpower will attract the results you desire.

Start by creating things you already have

Start by proclaiming that you have whatever you want right now. This helps amplify your power and focus in order to get what you desire. Feel, visualise and create what you have before moving to desires.

Show gratitude

Shift your focus from what you lack and be grateful for what you possess. When you receive, do not forget to give thanks. It creates positive energy to get you more.

Take advantage of opportunities

Nature will bring you opportunities to fulfill your desires. Do not let opportunities fade, run after them. The earlier you seize the opportunities, the more likely it is for you to succeed and reach your goals.


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