Know Your Purpose

20 Sep 2016

Are you ready to find your purpose in life?

We all have a purpose in life.  Whether you know it or not.  Whether you can see it, or admit to it, or not.  We were all created with a purpose.

Everything that exists has a purpose.  You were created with a purpose.  In fact, everything that has been created has been done so with a purpose to fulfill.

On conception, every cell in your body knows exactly what to do.  So the reason you are here is because YOU have a purpose to fulfill.  However, whilst understanding you have a purpose to fulfill is one thing, knowing the innermost details of that purpose is something altogether different.

Grasping the real reasons as to why you are here will enable the what, the why, the when, the how and the where to take care of themselves.

Discover your purpose…

It might seem obvious, but in all truth and seriousness when you discover your purpose in life, you will go on to achieving and accomplishing your goals.  Make the impossible possible and you will live with purpose, passion and meaning.  You will make wise choices, you will act decisively and you will feel alive.  You will know what to say and when to say it.  And, most importantly, you will say yes to the right things.

So many people are living their lives based on somebody else’s purpose.  Yet in order to feel alive you need to live life for your purpose.  To be and feel successful, accomplished, satisfied, and abundant you need to live ON purpose.

When we are living on purpose we hit our sweet spot – and when we are moving in the right direction everything suddenly becomes a sweet spot.  Life becomes sweeter.  Relationships become sweeter.  Your job becomes sweeter.  And consequently, when you hit the sweet spot life no longer feels like a bitter pill you’ve had to swallow for too many years.

Discover your purpose… simply take one step at a time

There is no such thing as a hopeless situation.  Every circumstance can be changed for the better.  The secret to finding your purpose is actually already inside you.  Remember… seek and ye shall find.

All you have to do is reach inside to find the answers, and ultimately, your joy.  And to do this, simply ask your subconscious the right questions and you will find the solution.  Start by thinking about the following eight signposts:

  • What am I passionate about?
    Identify your passion.  Your purpose is something you can identify through your passion.  A passion is something you cannot live without.  For Michael Angelo, it was his painting.
  • What ignites my interest and curiosity?
    What do you love to do?  Get curious and creative; how can you expand on what you love to do and how can you do it differently?  The Right Brothers brought curiosity and creativity to their interest and it changed the way we travel.
  • What brings me joy and pleasure?
    Your purpose is directly related to what you love to do.  The most successful and purposeful people in the world do jobs they love to spend their time doing.  Steve Jobs loved technology.  Mozart loved music.  Bill Gates loved computers.
  • What sparks my creative juices?
    Is it drawing, painting, speaking, or animation?  Your hobbies are all signposts and indicators as to your purpose in life and the route to success.
  • What do people say about me and what do they praise me for?
    Find out what people say about you, what they come to you for, and what skills they need you for.  You have a whole array of amazing abilities and it is a sign of your unique qualities, as well as your unique purpose.  Listen to the good things people say about you.  What comes naturally to you?  Are you a good listener, a problem solver or perhaps a mathematician?
  • Who has been most influential in my life, and who do I look up to and why?
    Who can you model yourself on to achieve excellence?  Think about, and see, what makes them good at what they do and model it.
  • What would make me jump out of bed every morning?
    What makes you feel alive?  What could you do every day for FREE?  If money wasn’t an issue, what would choose to do, what career path would you follow and what profession would you select?
  • What would I do if I were not afraid to do it?
    Banish the fear right now and pack it away in a box.  Imagine your world without fear, self-doubts, limits and barriers.  Erase the fear and think about what you would be doing.

I love empowering people.  It’s my passion and it’s also my purpose in life.  I have also made it my life’s work to help you discover your light and to live with passion, purpose and meaning.

What do YOU love to do?  Is it singing, dancing, reading, or caring for people or animals? Whatever it is you love, it is directly related to your purpose.

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