Energy is Limitless, Timeless and Boundless

As energy has no boundaries, it is limitless and timeless.

Want to know what the past, present and future has in store. I tune into your subtle energy field whilst your guides and your higher-self guide me to the cards that will tell you everything you need to know.

Your guardian angels are always there for you every step of the way! The messages you receive from cards will help you understand what’s going on, and get divine advice!

Information that I receive from energetically tuning in to your energy field, Aura and Chakra system.

Your unique reading will include 2/3 topics, I will be intuitively guided as to priority order.

Your Current Life – Issues/Challenges/Fear/Beliefs/Blocks

Life Purpose – Direction/Goals/Purpose/Your Gifts

Past Life – Lessons/Learning/Insights

Chakras – Blockages/Food/Colour/Meditation/Life Adjustments

Angel Guides – Names/Star Planet/Messages

Affirmations – Intuitively channeled and written for you

Healing Corrections- Positive downloads and distant healing given to you.

The mini report will contain 3 of the above I will be guided to give the messages that you most need to hear right now.

Who This Is For

Anyone with an open mind wanting to receive guidance, support or clarity in a certain area of their life.


My expertise lies in resolving issues that may have become hard to overcome, consciously or unconsciously.  Most of the time it is limited decisions, fears, limiting beliefs etc, that hold you back or are preventing you from achieving your goals.

By working closely with you in the arena of relationships, business, health, spirituality, personal development and confidence building, I offer you one-on-one sessions that will help you understand your own strengths, values and beliefs, all aligned towards achieving your goals effortlessly and effectively.