How to get healing through quantum bioenergetics

13 Jan 2017
Anne Marie

Many scientists have written about quantum physics. They have also talked about the concept that our bodies have a holographic aspect to their very appearance.

A hologram contains all the parts of the whole together and reflects all the parts of the body. Any change to the hologram gets reflected in all the patterns. This kind of pattern is similar to our body’s DNA. Each DNA strand carries similar information with the rest. This means that it does not matter what part of the body that the DNA strand is harvested, there will be similar information to other parts of the body. This is the holographic principle.

If a species were to be changed, the DNA of every part of the body would not need to be changed, a change in one strand would be reflected all over the body.

How does this relate to healing?

Quantum holographic healing involves tapping in quantum-based frequencies that emanate from a great field that is sometimes called the divine matrix. It is a frequency that is accessible to everybody.

Scientists have discovered that the world is made from an energy field. Beyond such energies such as magnetism, electricity, and gravity, there are other energies that permeate everything. We only see and touch where the waves and particles become very dense.

Beyond these waves, lie invisible quanta spreading from and through each of us and everything around us. Our bodies are full of vibrations that connect us within and without. The vibrations are found in every cell of our body.

The DNA matrix, when immersed in the quantum frequencies activates the codes of healing in the DNA. Since DNA has same codes across our bodies, the cellular database from head to toe starts to do its work.

The quantum frequencies start by changing the frequencies within which the body is operating and allow for activation the body DNA matrix.

The body does not stop to heal only a given part of the body, but the whole body since the codes are present in every part of the body much like the hologram a part contains the whole. The practitioners in the quantum healing process are just facilitators of the process. The power of healing lies within the patient’s body. The only thing they do is to activate the healing codes and let the body heal itself. This power is so strong that it can help in the process of healing every situation.

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