Evolving the DNA of Your Business

25 Nov 2016
Anne Marie

A business plan is the blueprint of your business – its DNA. Your plan defines your business, at least to begin with. But of course, things change and your business must adapt, and so must you. Thinking differently and being open to new ways of doing things is extremely important. To take advantage of new opportunities you need to evolve. This is the life blood of business.

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Are you pre-destined to fail? Do you feel you could do better? Does all the baggage from past experiences contrive to hold you back? It could all be down to DNA.

Our unique DNA determines who we are and how we react to our surroundings – how we deal with life. There’s nothing we can do about it – or is there? Can we tweak our DNA for a new perspective?

Many of us experienced our first lecture on DNA during the original Jurassic Park film: take a pinch of ancient, broken DNA (helpfully stored inside dinosaur blood, drawn from a 60 million year old mosquito) and mix it with a soupçon of frog DNA. Leave to simmer and voila! “Dino DNA!”. In later iterations of the film, Dino DNA was mischievously tweaked to produce new improved versions of dinosaurs, enabling them to gobble up humans with even greater efficiency.

A recent study by Dr Bruce Lipton, a former professor of Medicine at Stanford University, has made somewhat of a breakthrough in this field. His findings, in the study of “The New Science – Epigenetics” shows that our genes are in fact controlled and manipulated by our environment. Our mind interprets our experiences in a way that our genes adapt to.

In his study, Dr Lipton found that if we manipulate our environment in a positive way, we then unlock the potential to live a healthier and all-round more positive, productive life, despite our personal genetics. Positive and negative attitudes, have an overwhelming effect on how our mind programs the messages it sends to the rest of our body. In other words, our DNA adapts to input, and we can control that input; we don’t have to accept the DNA cards we’re dealt with.

Dr Lipton‘s study shows that the mind is split into two halves, the conscious and the subconscious mind. He describes this as the body’s Controlling Voice. The freethinking conscious mind allows you to create new ideas, whereas the subconscious mind holds our programmed behaviours that are usually acquired as a young child – our inherited DNA.

Sneakily, our subconscious mind is running on autopilot for the vast majority of our day and is much more powerful than the conscious mind. Most of our emotions, personality and behaviour, comes from our subconscious mind. This is when the old DNA kicks in. Before we know it, we’re unwittingly reacting to things based on what has happened in the past.

What does all this have to do with business?

With all the noise of change and the panic of keeping up with the times, you can become lost in your past. Your subconscious may even block out obvious areas you need to change, for you personally, and for your business. You may even be sleep-walking into redundancy, waking up one day to find you have been left behind. Doing things and reacting to your environment the way you’ve always done is suddenly out of date. Your old DNA has won.

The business world is changing fast. Being able to stay focused, to be in the moment, to think with clarity, is becoming ever more of a challenge. And so today, business owners and executives are becoming more open to new ways of thinking.

For example, meditation and mindfulness is being demystified and re-packaged into a practical daily habit for many successful business people. Quantum practitioners help change our perception of the outside world, restoring a positive outlook and attitude towards life.

Open-minded businesses are adopting methods that, only a few years ago, were thought of as fringe pursuits and not a serious business tool.

Science has moved on and the incredible connection between our past experiences, our minds, and the effect this has on our prejudices, our performance and even our DNA is now accepted. The empirical evidence is there to see.

As a life coach, I research and use many of these techniques to help executives and business owners improve their performance.

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