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8 Oct 2016
Anne Marie

Cognitive Behavior Therapy and CFT CPD workshop event with Jimmy Petruzzi.

This seminar will help you discover how to turn defeats and setbacks into successes: Improve your ability to grasp what is driving a particular situation and adapt your behaviour to gain the most beneficial outcome. Explore the functions and origins of un-pleasant feelings and unhelpful behaviors and the possible reasons why they keep arising and stay powerful.

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Date November 15th 2016

Time: 10am-4pm

Investment: £39

Venue Hamilton Holistic Centre

49 Hamilton Square


CH41 5AR

The techniques in this program are designed to help you leave behind unhelpful stories and discover peace around your emotional history. This course also allows you to detach from the ongoing stressful attempts at control and discover a greater sense of playfulness and serenity.

Compassion Based CBT Workshop


Angelic Reiki Course

Your happiness is something to be taken seriously and I feel privileged to share this Angelic Reiki workshop with you. I know that the workshop will help transform your life, because the Angelic Reiki Workshops have transformed mine. It’s a wonderful weekend spent with wonderful people, connecting to a beautiful energy.

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Places are limited only a few remaining for the October workshop.

Angelic Reiki 27 is delighted to be running Angelic Reiki Workshop Level 1 & 2

Date 28th, 29th, 30th October

Duration: 2 1/2 days

Investment: £252 Deposit of £100

Venue: Hamilton Holistic Center

49 Hamilton Square


CH41 5AR

Investment: £252 Deposit of £100 to be made payable to secure your place (non refundable).
PLEASE CONTACT TO RESERVE Katie Hughes 07970 521144

NLP Diploma and Inner purpose and Alignment course

Blended learning programme

This powerful NLP Diploma Inner purpose and Alignment Course and will help you to improve your communication skills in every area of your life.

In this program you will begin to hear the orchestra of your values and your inner purpose as a clear call to awakening. This is a program for you to take inner self-discovery to a whole new level. The program leads to profound new awareness of your purpose and aims. And it comes entirely from your own wellspring of inner learning.

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Date: 8th 9th of December 2016

Investment: £49

Start time: 10am

End Time: 4pm

Venue:Hamilton Holistic Centre

49 Hamilton Square,


CH41 5AR

With World Renowned Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer, Award Winning Coach, Bestselling Author, Presenter, award winning speaker, developer of Cognitive Reprogramming Jimmy Petruzzi.

The NLP Diploma will help you gain:

Excellent Communication & Rapport Skills
Discover what people are REALLY saying and understand the real meaning behind their words
Listening and Questioning Skills
Tune in to how people are talking to you
Forward-Moving Thinking
Remove the barriers that hold you back and boost your confidence
The Tools to Reach Your Full Potential
Change your thoughts about what is possible and make yourself think more productively about success
A Focused Approach to Life
Clear the clutter and turn challenges into success
Excellent Rapport & Confidence Building Skills
What makes people tick (including you)? Become more persuasive.
You can learn how to say ‘no’ and get the other person to say ‘yes’!

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