Endings don’t need to painful

22 Feb 2017
Anne Marie

There is a difference between the two terms “change” and “transformation” in a way that changes are made in some part of our bodies while we completely change our soul in the transformation stage of our life. So basically, we do not remain the same during the transformation period. On the other hand, we have some serious influence on us in the change period. Full transformations take place when we are truly well versed with our inner self; this is the stage when we are close to death.

The Positive Impact of Traumatic Disorders

We can see both positive and negative points after a traumatic disorder. On the negative side, we may experience stress and depression after a traumatic disorder. On the other hand, there are some positives also like inner growth, having a bigger perspective on the world in general from other’s eyes, relating to other’s problems, seeing everything with rose- hued glasses etc.

There are some important points of difference between post-traumatic growths and when we are on the edge of our life or when we are outside our comfort zone, we normally experience some inner growth after we go through some stages in our life which we never imagined about or some that were really difficult to handle. On the other hand, PTG or post- traumatic growth is an extended version of this. It is something which changes our entire life and thinking process. We start to gain a bigger picture/perspective of life and what it is all about. Our focus shifts from the smaller things in life to the bigger ones. PTG includes things like losing some important person in your life, a major accident or divorcing your partner etc. By going through all these pains, our brain becomes more compatible to these hardships and as a result, we can better handle them in the future if something like this happens again.

At the happening of these events, we feel some major flow of emotions in ourselves starting from a basic level of discomfort to high levels of anxiety or even depression. After this phase of your life passes away, the actual growth starts which you have never ever experienced in your life.

Hardships lead to positive changes in life and this is a very old concept given in the ancient period of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity etc. In today’s world, subjects like psychology, philosophy, and arts describe or explain the concept of inner growth after coming across a heart-wrenching problem.

Task of Awareness on Endings

  1. Note down the maximum number of closures you have experienced or faced in your life as a human being.
  2. Write at least three heart- wrenching events that have personally been faced by you.
  3. What were your thoughts and feelings when you were going through that phase in your life?
  4. What were the events in your life that you think had the most positive impact on your inner self?
  5. How did you summarize your suffering after it ended?
  6. What did all the new opportunities provide you?


Some people themselves realize the reality of life without even experiencing any pain or hardship as they tend to observe the world and think about what is going right and where we are going towards the wrong path. More often than not, they have a very intelligence-driven mind and they see and understand the world and the happenings around them, better than everybody else.

The Hymn to Hum for Divine Order

We should follow the road in our life which we think will be finally good for us and for the others too.

When we see our whole lives breaking apart in front of our eyes, we feel like we are losing control of our lives which is natural to experience for any human being because we are programmed to be like that.

All this is the process of nature which keeps on taking place with every passing generation and we have to go with the flow as everyone is helpless before the divine power of nature. All we can really do is take it in our stride and move on forward, accepting life for what it is because we have no control over certain aspects of our life. So essentially, there is no point in crying over it. What’s best is to hold your head high, look forward, take a deep breath and move forward from one day to the next. No matter how hard your life seems to you right now, in the end, you will definitely experience peace, serenity, and harmony which are the end purposes of life.

After all the actions in our life, we will be in the hands of nature and nature itself will decide our fate and no one else. Everyone is small in front of the power of nature. But the fate that the earthly power decides will be for our best and that is the mantra to stand by and to always keep in mind.

The thing to note is that everything in life teaches you a lesson!

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