The art of mastering vibration

13 Jan 2017
Anne Marie

Everything around has energy that vibrates at known frequencies. Understanding this principle may open up a new world for you. The vibration gives you the power and reason for incarnating on the planet at a given time.

Your vibration also helps in healing of ailments, boosting your creative thinking and finding peace. However, for you to master the art, you must recognize the masters as well as the sources of energy for which you vibrate.

The masters of vibration have experienced all dimensions of the vibration up to the densest places of the earth. They take either the etheric form or the physical form. Many of the lifetimes fell during the age of shifting in energies from one age to another.

The vibration angels of the etheric form help the earth planet balance her labor pains when shifting from one frequency to the other. They help in balancing vibrations of the earth to calm down volcanoes, tsunamis, pole shifts, and earthquakes.

The vibration angels in physical form, on the other hand, are found in human form. They play roles like everyone else and have karma to transmute if they have other lives before. They step out as teachers, spiritual influencers, and philosophers.

The masters of vibration help humans to adjust from one form of vibration to another. This could be the act of raising and lowering the vibration to meet the other body. This helps one to relate with other people. It also helps one to raise the vibration of the person to their vibration frequency. This is the technique that most echo healers use to start the healing process in the patient’s body. The use of the energy is used in many other holistic healing approaches.

Many people feel comfortable telling these physical angels the aspects of their lives more than they would tell others. The masters serve as the coaches, counselors, and therapists. They are also spiritualists who work is to help others in self-consciousness.

Unfortunately, a lot of spiritualists and psychics do not realise their potential. They need to be taught how to raise their vibration, the techniques of holographic echo healing and ways to help the general population achieve higher levels of consciousness.

If you would like to improve your spiritualism as well as other methods of healing, get to a coach. He or she also helps you to be sensitive to other people’s emotions and feelings and help them raise their vibrations.

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