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25 Nov 2016
Anne Marie

I engaged Anne-Marie for 6 sessions to help me regain focus on both my personal and business lives, both of which were cluttered, complex and stressful.

Her coaching approach was extremely helpful but different to what I might have expected.  Her attention to emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects provided a more holistic approach without becoming religious or sanctimonious.

I found her sessions of visualisation extremely challenging and emotionally demanding but cathartic.  She helped me tackle issues of my past that were deeply traumatic and also helped me gain a better and less judgemental perspective of my own self. This has helped me cope better with a continuing stressful family situation as well as with my approach to life and business goals.

Although I remain an improving work in progress I would heartily recommend Anne-Marie to anyone who needs a comprehensive re-alignment in their thinking.

John R.

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