Anne-Marie Life Coach… Improve as a therapist, coach or healer

18 Oct 2016
Anne Marie

Anne-Marie Life Coach… Improve as a therapist, coach or healer

My name’s Anne-Marie. I’m a Life Coach, Healer and Therapist. And it is my mission in life to help you to achieve your dreams as a therapist, coach or healer through improvement and enlightenment.

You are already doing one of the most important jobs. Helping people to find themselves, to reconnect with themselves and others, to believe in themselves, to feel deserving of success, and above all else, to achieve their dreams. However, in order to touch as many people in need as possible, it’s crucial that you’re working at the deepest and most profound level of energy healing, and you unblock any limiting beliefs.

Anything in life is achievable. And I can say this with complete and utter conviction because I am living proof that turning your dreams into a reality will happen. Naturally, there’s a lot of hard work, determination and mental grit involved. But anything in life truly is possible.

Anne-Marie Life Coach… Here’s my story

My story is a long one, and it’s one that is best told over a cup of coffee! However, I decided to change my career direction for one simple reason. I want to bring Quantum Healing to the forefront of people’s lives.

Quantum Coaching and Energy Healing gives you the opportunity to bring into your reality everything you want from life. I like to think of it as a mental magnet, and it really does work if you truly apply your mind and believe in the powers of Quantum Coaching and Energy Healing. From perfect health to finding your soul mate, or receiving a promotion to securing the home of your dreams. Whatever it is you want most from life, it can be yours if you know how to attract it to you.

On a quantum level anything is possible. I combine science-based research with ancient healing traditions. Bringing together science and spirituality in a simple, yet understandable, way delivers the results you want most.

I work very closely with coaches, healers and existing therapists. It is my mission, and my job, to ensure that you are fully aligned to your purpose and you are able to unblock any limiting beliefs. I also help to accelerate your spiritual gifts, and believe that by doing this I can touch more people by ensuring their coach, therapist or healer is working at an even deeper and more profound level of energy healing.

How to improve as a coach, healer or therapist

As a Coach and a Healer myself, I know how important the client relationship is. Quite often when we start out, we are full of love and unconditional support for our client, and we may even feel responsible for that client’s progress.

When I first started out 12 years ago after training in Reiki, I knew nothing about the skills required to coach clients successfully. Understanding how to coach your client so that they are capable of moving forward, rather than simply facilitating which results in them being stuck, or developing a co-dependency with their healer or therapist because they don’t feel capable enough to support themselves.

I would energetically take on my client’s issues; be it physical or emotional, and I would see their outcome as a reflection of my skills. I would view myself as a failure if the client didn’t fully heal or make a change in their life.

I knew nothing about the consequences my ‘advice’ was having on them. I didn’t realise that giving ‘advice’ from my own perspective, in terms of how I would handle a particular situation, could be damaging, conflicting and actually liable. I knew nothing about goal setting, outcomes and limiting beliefs. I knew very little about the body and its particular functions. And I didn’t fully appreciate the way our bodies can store emotional trauma – let alone how it can heal itself on an energetic level.

Through years of study and academia, as well as researching the body through Bio-Medicine, natural healing through Naturopathy and Acupuncture, observing the mind through NLP, Positive Psychology Coaching, and Energy Healing through various forms of healing techniques, it is only now that I feel I have the necessary skills to help you as a coach, therapist or healer to achieve the results you desire most for you and your clients.

I want to equip you with the highest form of teaching through Quantum Holographic Echo Healing TM, which is a new wave of healing based on talking therapy, coaching, guided visualisation and energy healing.

You will be equipped with the latest scientific research in the field of energy and you will learn the principles of how the mind connects with the body. I will work with you on a one-to-one basis in order to clear blocked, stored or attached negative energy, and I will help you to uncover your limiting beliefs to transmute and clear your energy field, which will allow you to fully step into your power and accelerate your career.

For further information on improving your life as a therapist, healer or coach then why not talk to me today. I’d love to hear from you and you can either call me on 0151 676 9609 or send me an email

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