Communicate, Learn & Grow Together.

Life is life – whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man’s own advantage.
 Sri Aurobindo

As a huge animal lover I understand the deep attachments we form to our animals. Our animals are an extension  of our family and in some cases they are here to be our healers, teachers, guides and protectors.

 I offer my services to communicate remotely or in person to your animal whatever the species. The animal will communicate energetically and telepathically with me to reveal emotional, physical and spiritual issues. I act as a channel for you to talk to your animal and for them to respond back to you, giving you both an opportunity to express your feelings clearly. You can ask specific questions about a particular problem or simply get to know your animal and their viewpoints better.

Each animal has its own signature personality, needs, wants and desires. Animal communication can enhance your relationship by knowing exactly what your animal needs from you and their environment.


• Understand and resolve behavioural issues or concerns

• Express and resolve confusion, tension, clarity between you and the animal.

• Detect and help release physical and emotional trauma, grief, guilt or fear

• Energetic body scanning for aches and pains (veterinarian consultation is still a must)

• Supporting you and  your animal during their  passing of life

• Ease their transition from this life into spirit

• Understand their end of life wishes and desires

• Make contact with an animal who has passed over

• Supporting changes within the household

• Energetically support them in emergency situations

• Discover their life purpose and the reason they came in to your life

• Understand a rescued animal’s past before they came to you

How I Work:

• I energetically tune in with animal just as I would a human.

• I allow the animal to disclose as much or as;little information they feel appropriate some animals are shy and others naturally chatty.

• I find out why the animal may be in distress or dis-ease so you can towards creating a better environment for the animal.

• I energetically tune in discover any remedies that may support the pet or in some cases you as the owner.

• I energetically send healing to the animal.

I can communicate with your animal from a photograph or meeting them in person. It is at the animal’s discretion what they reveal to me, I am the channel between them and you and I will share the insights I get from them with your via an email or Skype call. I can not force the animal to talk with me but they are generally happy to.  I will also recommend any natural remedies that will support your animal in the best way possible along with distant healing.