There’s more to healing than a sticking plaster

4 Oct 2016
Anne Marie

Healing means something different for each of us.  Whatever your belief is about healing, your own ability to heal yourself will determine which course of action you take when you become sick.

What do you do when you become sick…?


Do you immediately call the doctor for a prescription?

Do you call your mum for chicken soup?

Do you ride it out?

Or do you call your local herbalist, naturopath or homeopath?


I have been fascinated by the world of healing, especially emotional and physical healing.  I believe as individuals we hold the key to our health by understanding our own emotional and mental states, and how this affects our health.


What is healing?


The mind, body, emotions and spirit contains a vital life force of energy known as Qi, Prana, Universal Energy, Quantum Field or Unified Field – depending on your belief system or religion.


Science, as yet, cannot explain every phenomena humankind has had the privilege of experiencing.  However, there are a number of scientific studies which prove we exist in an energy field.  The universe has its own energy field, along with every living thing, cell and atom.  And this energy field has the ability to heal or cause disease if a disturbance filters down into the physical body.


This energy field is affected by thoughts, emotions, our environment, food, toxins and radio waves.  And today, there are two camps of thought when it comes to healing.


The first camp – The scientific camp

This is the idea that our thoughts and emotions are nothing but by-products of our biochemistry, and healing only occurs by changing our biochemistry through biochemical (mood alerting) drugs.  This works from the medical model, meaning a person is healthy until diseased, and once diseased a doctor can enter the body and get the disease out and heal the patient.  An enormously helpful model in emergency life-threatening situations.


The second camp – The alternative camp

This is based on principles that the mind and body connection is crucial to supporting and guiding our health.  This system is the longest operating system and dates back many thousands of years.


Ayurveda, Chinese and Tibetan medicine all based their principles on the mind and body connection being crucial to supporting and guiding our health.  This alternative, metaphysical or complimentary model states that health is NOT just the absence of disease.  Instead, it reflects our mind, emotions, environment and physical being.


The whole picture is taken into account when suggesting a diagnosis or treatment.  A treatment is recommended by viewing a complete picture of you, and taking into account the imbalance or connectedness of each pillar of health.  Recommendations are then made based on changes to diet, exercise, lifestyle, herbs, meditation, acupuncture etc.  All of which allow your body to heal itself naturally.


Alternative medicine gets a bad press, as it is deemed as only a placebo.  Yet the placebo effect is hugely effective in conventional medicine and even surgery.


The placebo effect is made up of many different facets such as expectation, conditioning, meaning and context.  How connected we feel to our therapist or doctor has been proven to be one of the most important factors.  So in terms of acupuncture or energy healing, for instance, which is still not scientifically understood, the placebo effect may occur simply by holding a safe, compassionate, nurturing space in which you can do your own essential healing through the power of thoughts and beliefs.


What is extremely fascinating is that the placebo effect does not just occur in alternative or complimentary medicine; it also occurs in conventional modern medicine.  For instance, Harvard Researchers complied the data of 38 randomised placebo controlled trials in depression and the effects of antidepressants on depression.


What they found across the board was that 25% of the reduction in the effects of mild to moderate depression was due to the drug and 75% of the effects was due to the placebo.  Therefore, if you were suffering from mild depression and you were given an antidepressant you would see a reduction in symptoms.  However, only 25% of that reduction would be due to the medication and a staggering 75% would be due to your own mental state, your expectations or your belief in getting better and the relationship with your doctor.


Surprised?  Well, you’ll be pleased to hear it gets better!


Researchers from around the world have looked at the effects of sham or placebo surgery in patients with osteoarthritis, torn meniscus in the knee and even broken backs.


A group of patients were given placebo surgery.  No surgery was actually conducted; however, patients received an anaesthetic and an incision was made by the surgeon to make surgery appear real.  This group of patients showed to have as much reduction in pain and an improvement in function as those who got the actual surgery.


So the question is… Who is right about how healing works?


I believe there is no right or wrong.  Both are equally as important.  If the placebo effect can occur even in surgery, then the placebo is in no way a short-change treatment.


Your body has its own natural ability to heal given the right environment and emotional state.  It actually proves that what our ancestors practised thousands of years ago, using the body’s natural ability to influence and heal itself, lies within us.


I love empowering people.  It’s my passion and it’s also my purpose in life.  I have also made it my life’s work to help you discover your light and to live your life in a world without fear, self-doubt or anxiety.


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