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Hey, I’m Anne-Marie founder of the Soul Awakening Method & I A.M Academy. Whether you have stumbled upon my website by sheer coincidence or have purposely sought me out, I believe there are no coincidences and you are here for a reason. So let me share a little insight about who I am and how I can help you. Then if you feel the urge to connect with me we can arrange a free 20 minute informal chat to see how best I can help you.

Who are ready to go through the process of emotional healing to overcome limiting beliefs from past conditioning.

Who are ready to become empowered, confident and able to take control of their life.

Ready To Become Extraordinary?

My Story

So, about me, for those who know me or follow me on social media you will know as a mother of two beautiful kids and a squidgy chocolate Labrador I dedicate myself to my family and business with a sprinkling of girlie time madness thrown in now and then to keep me sane!

Things haven’t always been easy and having learnt about my own core emotions through my own personal challenges (rejection, depression, low self esteem, grief, abandonment even homelessness) all those wonderful emotions that either make you hibernate under the duvet covers for the rest of your life or make you dig deep and soul search knowing deep down you were meant for something more, which is exactly what I did!

Quite often it is a traumatic life event that catapults you towards your soul’s purpose especially if your mind or ego is taking you down a different path.

My path is now about serving and sharing not only my knowledge but my compassion and understanding that each individual is a spark of divine creation and no matter what life throws at you, you have a spark that lies within your soul that can overcome any obstacle or challenge. I help you find and ignite that spark so you can manifest your dreams and live the life you want to live free from conditioning and limitations.

Which is why I have devoted the last several years of my life studying the inter-connection between the mind, body and spirit to fulfill my ultimate goal of coaching, healing and teaching so YOU to can transform your life on all levels

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 Work With Me

 You are unique and so is my way of working with you!

I use a variety of tools and resources to bring the body into harmony and alignment, so you can focus on your future.

My gentle healing and energy balancing techniques work by helping you understand your emotions, heal your emotional blocks, and allow you to gently open up to receive (instead of always giving, giving, giving!)

Having an open mind is important when you want to change something in your life. It can be so easy to turn a blind eye to that part of ourselves that blocks or limits our own success.


By working with me for either 1, 3 or 6 sessions you will have a clearer picture of what life can offer you if you have the inner strength to move forward in your desired direction.

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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

Combining all my skills into one bespoke Holistic package so you can fully align your heart with your soul. Step in to your true power, release your negative thought processes and start to live the life you deserve filled with love, abundance, joy and happiness. Includes Soul Alignment Coaching, Soul Plan Reading & Quantum Holographic Echo Healing.

Soul Plan Reading

What To Know Your Soul’s Destiny?

Yоur birth nаmе hоldѕ a раrtiсulаr ѕоund vibrаtiоn whiсh аttrасtѕ thе еxреriеnсеѕ уоu сhоѕе. Thе idеа iѕ fоr уоu tо bаlаnсе уоur ѕоul’ѕ еxреriеnсеѕ аnd рrоgrеѕѕ in уоur ѕрirituаl еvоlutiоn. A birth nаmе hоldѕ thе resonance of a сеrtаin ѕоund whiсh аttrасtѕ tо uѕ аll thаt wе nееd tо еxреriеnсе in оrdеr to learn whаt wе nееd tо lеаrn, tо fulfill оur gоаlѕ аnd utiliѕе оur tаlеntѕ.


Unlock Your Greatest Potential

What if your purpose here is to show up, totally and completely as you truly are?

‘The most successful people in life recognise that in life they create their own love, they manufacture their own meaning, they generate their own motivation.’ – Neil deGrasse Tyson

This is a unique bespoke service as you not only receive life coaching strategies to help deal with your long term and short term goals but your deep held emotional needs and limiting beliefs are taken care of so you stop repeating the same behavior throughout your life.



QHEH is a revolutionary healing therapy that teaches your mind the principles of switching negative core beliefs to resonate with positive thoughts, this allows synchronicity to take place, removing old patterns and patching new positive memories and affirmations. Working on a Quantum level, helping you remove any old programming you received as a child that has kept you held back in life.

Become One of The Next Generation of Spiritual Healers.

Whether you are an existing Coach, NLP Practitioner or Energy Worker, Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™ is a ground breaking new healing technique and way of achieving optimal health and peace of mind for all.  QHEH is the perfect addition to any Coaching or Healing Practice and will set you apart from the rest.  Learn the latest research in Quantum, The Unified Field, Consciousness and DNA,  to allow you to guide your client through a profound journey of self-healing.

Learn techniques that put the art of manifesting firmly in your control.

Latest News

In an age where success, money, love, self image, relationships, spirituality, emotional health – and just about everything else – are compartmentalised into their own little boxes, it can be a real eye-opener to hear about the deep connections between how we act, live, feel and look.  I have now made this passion of mine, my life’s work and am here to help you bring about some lasting changes at a core level to enhance your life and become the person you wish to become. 

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